Citation: Maling River Canyon known as the "waterfall valley gutter to sew one hundred", the "most beautiful scar." Long Valley 74.8 km, the valley 50-150 m wide, deep valleys, 120-280 m,Adirondack Ugg Boots lower than the bottom surface 200 meters. Canyon to Seam gorge, waterfall hanging group practice, calcium carbonate wall of the karst landscape of distinctive feature, set "male, strange, dangerous, Quiet, strong, elegant, beautiful "as a whole. Canyon landscape in the most peculiar calcification of the wall when the number of waterfalls, hundreds of
  Waterfall cliff fall from the sky along the calcification, flying splash jade beads, exotic spectacular. When the tour is the climax of the canyon crevices in the groundAnd falls under the drift.Ugg Kensington Boots Sale Is the beautiful, Range Rover, Fang Gu, adventure, summer, leisure resort.

If, Leshan, music of water, a gesture. Have the opportunity to experience Maling River Canyon scenery, for the benevolent Wise are satisfied is a spiritual attitude, and had the opportunity to live in Maling River Canyon area six kilometers outside the townIs a satisfying and happy attitude.Womens Bailey Button Triplet In just one card, you can open the year, numerous canyon trip. As long as you like.
  Sports, fitness; walk, relax; see the mountains, watching the water, look at the scenery; or wash, lung wash, wash the heart. As long as you happy, how the do.Every weekend,UGG Sheepskin Boots Sale I will walk again may be too accustomed to these mountains, when I walk through the meantime, he couldThought to how to describe their beauty.In addition to a habit, and more is enjoyed.A natural quiet, penetrating into the heart. Full and fresh air, straight into the heart. Movement to bring Stretch people Shenqingruyan. Nothing could rein over nature was so vivid intimacy you and me.
  Thin dense rain falls on the body will feel warm and moist.
  Plants, water curtain to each curtain,Sheepskin Ugg Boots to every step of the stairs, every stone, every piece of rock,Preliminary and full of everything I have the attention.I walked with light steps, from top to bottom, from bottom to top.Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Along the road, eyes reach of the mountain, its Really is not the mountain; water, not water. Only a pleasant mood, turned out of Sacred, in front of telling a tale.

The rainy season Maling River Canyon is an entirely different story. (Continued)