A quasi-psychological testing, will you reveal your inner most
  realistic ideas about love and choice, measure your own love life.

1, if the end of the world, you can save an animal, you will save Which of the following?

a, rabbit,

b, sheep,

c, deer,

d, Horse

The first question the answer :

1. You will be in real life what kind of person attracted to:

a, rabbit - a split personality, looks like a heart of ice and hot people.

b, sheep - emphasis on obedience and warm people.

c, deer - elegant and polite people.

d, Horse - unbridled yearning for freedom.

2. Traveling in Africa, you visit a tribe, Adirondack Ugg Boots  tribal leaders insist that you choose an animal to take home as souvenirs, which one would you?

a, monkey,

b, lion,

c, snakes,

d, giraffe

The second question the answer

2. Courtship which means most likely not help but make you feel:

a, monkey - creative, never let you feel bored.

b, lion - Zhilaizhiwang directly to tell you he loves you.

c, snakes - mood swing, hot and cold, wandering.

d, giraffe - patient, you never give up.

3. You do something wrong, God punish you become a person other than the animal, following which you want to become an animal?

a, dog,

b, cats,

c, horse,

d, snake

The third question the answer  

3. What kind of lover you want to give the impression of:

a, dog - loyal faithful, never change.

b, a cat - a personality.

c,Horse - optimistic.

d, snakes - can be accommodated.


4. If you have lost the ability to make some kind of animal would you choose?

a, lion,

b, snakes,

c, crocodiles,

d shark

Answer the fourth question

4. Your most annoying personality, which will make you break up with love:

a, lion - you love arrogant, acting like a dictator, that you are very angry.

b, Snake - emotional, too moody, and you do not know how to please him.

c, crocodile - cold-blooded and ruthless people love irony.

d, Shark - insecure solid.

5. One day,Uggs Kensington Sale  you will run into a kind of a talking animal, what kind of animal you want it?

a, sheep,

b, horses,

c, rabbit,

d, birds

Answer the fifth question

5. You want to tell you what kind of a love relationship:

a, sheep - Needless to say, then you both, hard to communicate, the other will know what you want.

b,Horse - you two can talk about anything, no secret.

c, rabbit - a way you have been able to feel the warmth and love relationships.

d, birds - not only care about you and your wife are now concerned about the future, one you can grow with long-term relationship.

6. On an island, you can choose an animal to stay with you, you would choose:

a, dog,

b, pig,

c, cow,

d, birds

Answer the sixth question

6. Do you have an affair:

a, a dog - you with attention to social ethics, marriage, you will not commit such a mistake.

b, pig - you can not resist the desire, is likely to be deviant.

c, cow - you will not take the initiative, will not refuse, but you will try very hard not to do so.

d, birds - you never strong enough, in fact, you are not suitable for marriage, and you do not want commitment.


7. If you have the ability to tame all animals,  what animals would you choose as a pet it?

a, dinosaurs,

b, white tigers,

c, polar bear,

d, leopard

Answer the seventh question

7. Your view of marriage:

a, dinosaur - you are very negative, you do not heat in the presence of a happy marriage.

b, white tiger - You think marriage is a very precious thing, once married, you will cherish marriage and your partner.

c, the polar bear - you are afraid of marriage, do you think the marriage will take away your freedom.

d, leopard - you always want to get married, but in fact, you do not even know what marriage in the end.


8. If you have 5 minutes to an animal,Ugg Bailey Button Triplet you will choose to be:

a, lion,

b, cats,

c, horse,

d, pigeons

Answer the eighth question
8. At the moment your views on love:

a, lion - you're always longing for love, do anything for love, but you will not easily fall in love.

b, the cat - you are very self-centered, that love for you can easily get and give up something.

c, horse - you do not want to be tied to a fixed relationship, you just want to flirt everywhere.

d, pigeons - do you think love is a commitment to each other two.