Always like in a state of silence from the office and let him things
troubles Among noisy.
  I'm not aloof, so silent.
  I was too secular, so silent.

I'm just busy than those who, some lazy; than those smart people, some dull; slowly than those who, more agile; than those happy people, some
  sad. Even so, I was very satisfied.My life is not colorful, just a tea, two books, a few lines, but I was addicted to them, watching the sun warm, contented breeze brush, this kind of live, Who is not happy yet.

I do not want to pursue life, chasing destined to run, and run it means tired, I feel that they are not a very strong person, can not afford
share of tired, so I chose to meet life, it gives me what I have to accept what , Adirondack Ugg Boots or will bitter music, sad or will rejoice, tears or will smile, they are a gift of life, to witness my step by step growth.

I do not accumulate wealth, but can use my best to enjoy life. As long as I'm healthy, I am rich, as long as I have compassion, and I was
happy. I can not locate the quality of life is the high and low, at least I can take the capacity of life, do not load, not void.

I do not have too many friends, but it can only pay for the genuine. Some people say I am extravagant, a luxury life, luxury pay friendship.
In fact, I was too stingy,Uggs Kensington Sale miserly life again reduced the content of the wish to have a mean person, not to be worried about, not Dian pull.2

Some people say I was too stubborn, too biased, it was said I was too gentle, too silent. Womens Bailey Button Triplet In this regard, I am indifferent, I learned not to mind the well-meaning or malicious evaluation, because I am not an item, there is a clear introduction, I am a simple individual, there are mixed feelings, as the owner, I assessment of their own can not be right, not to mention others. In front of these evaluations, my mind does not make sense, why mind? Say, someone said I free and easy, in fact, not my joy, my selfish enough to consider their position on the front, to prevent any unpleasant affect my mood.

I love fall, like autumn afternoon,Ugg Boots USA the Pro a window, write a few lines.
  I like the night, like turn off the lights on the balcony, watching stars, look on and see nothing.
  I like the quiet warm a pot of tea, or pour a glass of wine alone.
In the like, the forbear of sad depression.

I am not a negative person, and those who let me sigh, let me cry, so sad I am lonely sleepless depression, and I am enjoying the mood. It
makes me soft, let me filling.Ugg Bailey Button Triplet Yes, I am not perfect, very full, because I am more certain of those sad Yu my own happiness and joy.