1、Tea weight-loss method

As the tea does not contain any calories, so much to drink is not harmful; a lot of tea for weight loss, such as barley tea, tea and other fans stacked.

Advantages: the prevention of typhoid fever can increase the metabolic effects.

Side effects: attention to the lead content of tea.

2、Weight loss tea weight-loss method

Weight loss tea is known as the market can help burn fat, Ugg Boots USA help digestion, the principle is the tea laxative or diuretic containing, people urinate frequently, or even diarrhea.

Advantages: easy to drink.

Side effects: pay attention to when the body of water and electrolyte balance once the imbalance can lead to dehydration and other dangerous heart rate is not correct and the situation. Loss of body water and electrolytes in the case of weight loss, so less fat is not true.

3、Green tea weight-loss method

The daily green tea instead of other drinks such as a soda, sweetened drinks, over time will help weight loss.

Advantages: Green tea contains polyphenols elements, vitamins, Ugg Bailey Button Triplet amino acids and other ingredients, can regulate fat metabolism, reduce blood fat and cholesterol, and can effectively reduce body fat.

Side effects: green tea alkaloids harmful for patients with gout. In addition, green tea contains, make tea from the foam, so that the stomach has swollen feeling, but no impact on health. Green tea has a diuretic effect, and contain caffeine, people is not easy to sleep, so try not to drink before going to bed.

4、Eucommia weight-loss method

Drinking fruit juice may be seen as a substitute for, ready to drink, weight limitation.

Advantages: Eucommia in China is in the mountains southwest of Eucommia tree growth as Uggs Kensington Sale the raw material. Since Eucommia has a diuretic effect, so suitable for use as a weight loss; and his rough skin edema, acne, constipation, also curative. Eucommia also can promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, up to improve physical fitness, so that patients and the efficacy of fat is not easy.

5、Cu weight-loss method

Continued to lose weight need only drink a certain amount of vinegar every day, a month can lose about 2 to 3 kg.

Advantages: vinegar contains amino acids, can promote the consumption of too much body fat and turn it into energy, enhance the metabolism of protein and carbohydrates.

Side effects: Although it is not such a diet beverages, but not if only the Cu control diet, to promote digestion and make the body absorb more heat, but increased body weight. Note ptosis of the stomach Womens Bailey Button Triplet or gastrointestinal problems who should not use this diet to avoid harming the stomach.


6、black vinegar weight-loss method

Every morning cup of balsamic vinegar.

Advantages: You can improve the body's metabolism,UGG Sheepskin Boots Sale to easy weight-loss purposes. Vinegar very sour taste, so you can drink diluted water.

Side effects: weight-loss method with Cu, have stomach problems should not eat, so that stomach acid.

7、soy milk weight-loss method

Soy milk powder dissolved into the open to drink every day before breakfast and before bedtime drink a glass, can continue to bear fruit.

Advantages: soy flour is rich in fiber, so If we soybean milk powder dissolved into the open drinking, can effectively eliminate constipation and edema, weight loss.

Note: The mixture of soy milk Ugg Adirondack Tall Boots should be consumed as soon as possible, should not be mixed in advance to save, to avoid deterioration of milk. Also appropriate to skim milk, whole milk to avoid the absorption of fat.

8、Coffee brown rice weight-loss method

Brown rice can be bought in the market of coffee, you can also do it yourself, is to put the same amount of brown rice and beans in the grinder with ground, then cooked up the espresso pot can be. Brown rice itself is rich in minerals and fiber, on the human body is very useful.

Advantages: brown rice drink coffee every day to eliminate constipation, edema, weight loss can make the long run.

Side effects: insomnia, nervous and mental Adirondack Ugg Boots those not suitable for drinking too much coffee, since the caffeine will make rapid heart beat, stimulating the nervous system. Ordinary people should not drink more than four daily cups, otherwise easily lead to anxiety, panic and other symptoms of myocardial infarction.