Life is but a few years, a short time in years that there are many things to do, academic, career, marriage and family as well. To pinpoint their location, truly self-worth, often after a period of confusion, and even pay a heavy price.
  Life - desire a better, hope for success. Although life in the constant pursuit of exploring ahead, but life did not have much time to waste,
  perhaps the life of the edge is formed pre-existence, then the next life is the life of the fruit must be planted. However, past lives and
  future life are touched grasp is not strong, then only do we take advantage of this life.
  For the life we ​​have come and gone clear understanding, to avoid the trade-off runs the risk not to worry sad and meaningless things up too much time.

  However, our life, when the first line often do not know what they need, what to do, what to do, but if there is a pattern, it will avoid
  many mistakes, take a lot less tortuous.

  As we enter the moment the community, we must also face career, family, marriage, and to assume obligations and duties of the task. However, in
real life, many people can not, no in response, but no way to adapt to changes in social environment. There are complaints, there is regret,  
also hopes the next generation. In short, our lives too much in the importance of personal competition, and few people to personal and national destinies are linked, Adirondack Ugg Boots but not aware of the social life of our civilization what kind of impact. Whether an individual or family, no matter how successful enterprises are inseparable from the social environment, a strong individual enterprises, high-quality personnel staff, and ultimately consumer businesses need is the ability ...... and national prosperity, and resource sharing , the family is no longer repeatable investment professionals and enterprises cost, waste of resources, which is the most simple truth. Everyone wants to succeed, the only way we only expect the degree of social civilization.  

  I remember fifteen years ago, my classmate friend s feelings, the secular, on the human environment. I did not expect friends look with contempt, mocking tone of rebuke me: "You think you are smart? Poor quality of the population you know it! Chinese people know that you
want to change this situation, Dream on! Genius either They are helpless, you would be too naive, and he could see pretty good living, but also talk about their ambitions, to let others hear will become a laughing stock, otherwise, the spirit that you have a question ......"

Dayton lessons, I am speechless. Yes, I was a preschool teacher, I can do, but where's the passion, desire it? Perhaps the pursuit of the realm of perfect angel face every day because of it! In order to comfort themselves sinking restless heart. No longer expect the human environment has changed.

  For the next eight years of painstaking research I have been an early intellectual development, in education, living the simple life. Until
recent years has experienced too much human misery, life and death after suffering forced to flee their homes to become wage earners,  inadvertently in 2002 in the newspaper that Miss Liu Xiaoqing say: "We are eager to find ways to improve the quality of the video material  national population," This time the words , Uggs Kensington Sale once again aroused the ambition I had ambition. I believe there will be a lot of people have this idea. So I invented the idea a dozen sports equipment, and created a creative background with meaning and impact of the songs, and the formation of national literature, dance-type material. That education, sports, music, literature enough to change the quality of the population. Until late 2006, my memory and thinking and finally a marked recovery, suddenly wake up, how can there be so simple to improve the quality, if the increase of people, a certain level of people is possible. But they can not change the quality of the whole nation.

  We have developed the desire to have the kind of cultural competence, team spirit and the ubiquitous sense of urgency.
However, our country's situation, culture, the foundation is different, so different from the natural orientation development, if the copy with
the run, always have a gap.

If the state can create a new logical changes in the survival of all state and this new logic has a unique irreplaceable, it is difficult to imitate, and everyone loved applicable, to succeeding generations of lasting competitive advantage, I believe that our country will never

The fate of the country related to each of our future destiny of the Chinese people, we need ideals, needs and beliefs, but also need to navigate to lead our life course.

For example, Japan attaches great importance to the early family education, even in a very small issue can be found to determine the answer. Tokyo University psychologist Professor Xu Yan spent 30 years at time painstaking research of early education, to explore the impact of parents on children and the promotion of intellectual ......

  As a result, their talent, achievements of the country's comprehensive national strength of the strong.
  This is the article I wrote Cipian purpose.
  I found a Chinese puzzle to unlock the secrets of Education and the crux of the past century. Including world-renowned literacy difficulties, interest in learning is low, and the lack of personality traits shape Gaofendineng and other problems.
  This finding may be that scientists can now unlock the mystery of high intelligence of confusion, but also confirmed by many people guess the
reason why Asian cultures to promote success. Womens Bailey Button Triplet This finding can shorten the life of China's education 3-5 years; household expenditure on education decreased several times; save the country hundreds of times over the same education and waste. The educational effectiveness can be more than any country in the world.

  The new findings make a mess into a piece of their position, can be inspiring, exciting passionate allow 1.3 billion people, closely united together to change our living conditions, the fate of progressive change in our lives and work more rejuvenation of the Chinese nation struggle. ,
  What is the secret of weight could be so unite the people and stimulate population of 1.3 billion commitment to fight for? What is the
significance? Answers are discussed in the following specific articles:  "The problem child Whose Fault," "survival mode reverses the focus of
our lives," "extraordinary revival of traditional cultural  significance," "innocence priceless treasure free."

  Here are found the causes, effects of factors and their significance.
  This finding comes from my teaching career fourteen years, 8 years of early education and early research on the secular, humanistic environment of emotion.
The gap between our development, not just historical, social, national. The key issue is education on the origin. Our education against the growth of human physiological and psychological understanding of the law, our education outline, teaching materials and methods, survival, and family, social, environmental education has led to varying degrees of failure factors.

  I used half the time plus 25 days (less than one hour per day) with a half-year-old boy, only his art teaching in kindergarten more than two years is more effective (there are 40 works of witness).
  Input method of music teaching as a whole, within one month of the keen interest in dance, rhythm master, to be free to do the movements according to the melody.
  When I found profound effects of this accident we came to realize the value of the ancient teaching of literacy. The cleverness of the ancients will allow us to deeply appreciate the extensive and profound Chinese culture!
  To explore the origin of education, we give some examples to do the following comparison.
  A: education
  We are now ready for the life time than the best years of our work is still long. Beginning at age 40 is considered degraded, and can graduate to 16 years (not including pre-school years), highly educated doctors and masters, reading almost 30 years old, there are more than
30 years of age.
  Look at the ancient students only bided bitter, but the achievements of 5,000 years of civilization history.
  Modern education, six years of primary school literacy capacity of 2,500. Many children do not understand even the letters are written.
  The ancient teaching, children's literacy on the private school closed over a year, more than 3,000 vocabulary, reading two or three years
  after the private school, not only for the pair, and can smooth writing.
Why are private school has long since disappeared so far in Hunanpingjiang villages exist? Is it not worthy of our thought to reflect it?

  Being determines consciousness, making the problem now teaching the children is widespread, anxious parents and teachers worry, the results
  have rebellious children, are not interested in learning. Reducing the burden alone, decompression, and the importance of literacy for all
children will be able to reverse the nature of the problem?
  Difficult to learn to know the characters universally acknowledged, even if we can solve the literacy problem nor solve all the same, after
  all, education is a systematic process. Education, teaching, outline, as long as the content does not meet the basic law of education, but
also to meet the child's physical, psychological growth and development of the law. This is an interlocking, gradual process, or someone that  "since all learned in kindergarten, then also learn what" questions.  This is exactly the "innocence priceless treasure free" in reference to the Why can shorten the life of 3-5 years of education, but also improve compared to the number of times before one of the reasons the quality of education and teaching.

  In the family, parents not only anxiety, and some impetuous. One of its internal spending on education and the increasingly expensive urgent
competitive pressures brought about by the social aspects of depression, and this repression of their own parents again passed to the child. Due to many factors, but also talk about normal health to fulfill the duties of family education.

  II: marriage
For a child, there is a warm and harmonious family is very important, it relates to their survival and development. Much harm may make them desperate, and even destroyed. Therefore, human beings in order to have a higher quality of life continues, from the experience of survival for thousands of years of marriage for women summed up the formation of a family to raise and educate future generations in order to secure the truth, because after all, not a single party can be handled, must be division of labor between the two sides they are not trade-off, exhausted.

If you remarry after divorce the children will have the old and new connections between the dislocation of life, continuing the order was destroyed. This is the life of another chain is a problem, this life is not only to bear a heavy price, but also a direct impact on future generations of physical and mental growth.

  Three: the cause of
  Modern philosophy of life; pursuit full of vitality.
  Ever since, people want the freedom to be independent, no one wanted to become a burden to others. Men and women in the workplace, like flame,
  the golf exhausted, and then complain about each other,Uggs Kensington Sale a woman is not feminine, men are not men like, what their family responsibilities, quality of life, science, rationality all been ignored, no time even to have children, let alone education and upbringing of. This is what we
expect results?
  If life is so boring, boring, and that our lives are there any? Please listen to the children of divorced families in the voices of:
1, I have been naive heart of the crumple parents divorced, my soul was pure state of the world distorted by Yan Liang human vicissitudes.

  2, over the years I do not have a fixed abode, to my heart are in a state of wandering. Person's body when they feel tired need a place to rest, tired of the same spiritual needs habitat. At this point, home, irreplaceable. No wonder kids like me in the character tends to be
unstable, emotionally more vulnerable because they have no sense of security. Since her parents divorced when we are still very small, then  
do not know what they will lose more I do not know how to make up the loss of their spiritual home, after so many years only to find their own character flaws. Wound in a dull pain, we should understand their parents, but we also need to be understood, unfortunately, do not want to be the beginning of life the shadow of life.  

  3, I grew up, completed the shaping of their own. Over the years I have seen a psychiatrist, psychological books, hoping to heal the wounds of
  the heart, it does not hurt my future family and life. However, in eliminating some of the symptoms, I still feel deep inside a violent,
it can be suppressed but not eradicated. UGG Sheepskin Boots Sale I'm not stupid, not ugly, but my life is because they can not get any kind of irresponsible and happy life.

4, depicting childhood memories are torn screen, never scold sound, sobbing, dark room, gloomy tone, the Ministry of never played like a never-ending war film made history, mark generally remain in the my mind, the pressure of my breath. I do not know who took the lead, to whom to tell, who to cry!

5, I removed the father and the mother's family, hard to depend on others enjoy the taste. I was eager to grow up, I thought I could get rid of everything. But grow up, I am still struggling with this network, the kind of bite the heart of pain, always so clear, like the devil generally go hand in hand.

6, a long time, my character has become a very lonely, very inferior side, I always wanted to escape, always want to avoid. Yet so can my
heart to hope and pray warmth, eager to love ......

7, was pitiful memories of happiness after the pain of pulling to pieces, danced. I want to have to paste that point being pieced together a collection in the corner of my mind, after all, to no avail. If only stretches the endless suffering and pain, take my whole childhood, youth or youth.

  8, father, mother and brother in my childhood divorced parents have remarried to her grandmother in the country we were to stay at home, slowly my ignorance,Sheepskin Ugg Boots and hope there is a small family, even if it is a spiritual place we were able to dress .
  This is the most parents in their children the most precious gift of  Love in a special "gift."
  Do men and women are innate differences, "to play their complementary strengths in order to play the most pleasant and harmonious melody.
  If the conflict between husband and wife onto the child, the child suffered injuries in the childhood memories of his life will be affected.
Error not only hurt our adult Nannvzhiqing, but also the hearts of young children until the associated character, the lack of quality.

  Emphasis on early experience, personality psychologists of the importance of future behavior. If Freud based on his clinical diagnosis and treatment of mental illness experience, Australia UGG Boots the cause is often found in patients with origins in the founding of the childhood experience, he stressed that parents of infants and young children after the effects of the irreversible character development has a profound effect.
Personality is an inner strength, and its presence can play a direct role without having to borrow any means. Charisma is also commonly referred to as temperament.

  Have a good temperament, the greatest difficulty, the pressure does not make them into submission, they can do for the environment to fully
understand and treat the syndrome. They are unwilling to do in good times home situation, stalled; in the face of adversity can not  despair, do not "fate" will not easily give up the ideal.Decide the fate of Adirondack Ugg Boots temperament, such as Washington was born in a wealthy Virginia planter family, because his father died young, although he has not been in the adolescent period, the education system. But through his practical training in the plantation master a variety of applications of knowledge, but also honed his will and tenacity.

  Washington was nominated as commander in chief of the Continental Army,  received this glorious mission, this way: "I do not need any reward,
but I will do our utmost to fight for this glorious cause," after long and hard on that promise in Anti-British struggle to achieve and domestic construction.

  During the War of Independence, Washington not only tested by war, but also by the lure of money and title. British Open conditions are
  defined by Washington sternly refused. And: that "no peace without  independence," Washington's daring to praise the people of the United
  Family influence on children is irreplaceable, which is why the article emphasizes on the best possible start in life do not let the reason.
That is the world's most in need of protection, given the child,Ugg Adirondack Tall Boots and these family members have broken all sorts of reasons for their behavior stressed, helpless pity the face of a helpless child, what kind of reason can be more important than what the child needs ? If you are a child, you will be tolerant for its own profit you?

  Of course, handled the child's problem is not just divorced families, healthy families is less understood family education. The direct cause
  of civilization and our society are inseparable, like my early research on intellectual development from 1993 to 2000, only to get practical results, but the lack of theoretical support,Womens Bailey Button Triplet until 2003 to find and study the theoretical basis for synchronization , which is no doubt convinced that research in the right direction, so the more confidence, continue to explore early childhood.If the standard systemic survival guide, I believe that our lives will not rush blindly running for survival.

If we want to win in life, freely deal with the impact of changes to adapt to the history, the only hope of the motherland can only appear
in this land, only the state of education in improving the environment in order to enhance people's collective ability to learn, to promote  
the degree of social civilization and lay a solid foundation. I naturally have a big ego to protect our life to the full realization of  
self-worth, sing the trilogy of life - the opportunity to find and develop. Firmly believe that we will be successful in life will be beautiful!