Cervical disease, mood disorders, sleep  disorders common diseases such adults, but now it appears frequently in  secondary and even primary school body. Reporters learned that the  investigation young adults suffering from the disease within five years the  number increased by 3 to 5 times, experts said primary and secondary school  faced pressure to make a lot of the burden of disease and learning are much  earlier age of onset.

Children are vulnerable because of their  weak and worldly, such as this and other community workers to pay less than  low-income or low security, and other vulnerable groups are different; to care  for them as long as they can easily meet, could easily become the happiest and  most beautiful people. Australia UGG Boots But heartbreaking, the most lovely children seemed to be  the most vulnerable groups, most poor people, and now the burden imposed on  them, harm and danger faced, but compared to other vulnerable groups, adults are  more and more.

If starting with the school massacre, is  unusual because there are individual people who have the heart to start towards  the child, has its special, extreme elements, then, like Guangdong Foshan  "Little Yue Yue incident", followed by another in Guangdong Zengcheng  "Little Yue Yue incident" appears to have some chance,Uggs Kensington Sale in fact,  hidden behind a large degree of universality, that is, under the pressure of  life, child care parents flawless, not even the children around, it is difficult  to give children a good , safe learning and living environment.

Also, 16 kindergartens in Gansu are County school bus accident, again  with the bloody facts to us accusing the school bus problem. In fact, different  places there are different levels of school bus failure, operational  irregularities, which the children directly at risk, and, in recent years over  the size of school bus accidents also occur. This is also a universal problem.

Similarly, some more "hidden"  issue. Like these also minor children, had early in cervical disease, mood  disorders, sleep disorders, adult disease, has become a "glass of  Youth", also as the representative of great and universal, but different  students. " victims' degree of difference in terminology. Provide quality  education started early, mid-call burdens, actually increasingly heavy burden  on children, increasing pressure, physical, psychological problems more easily.
  Prominent commercial "red  uniforms", a variety of names "green scarf", three-color job of  this, good bad class, speed class, strengthening classes, focus classes,Adirondack Ugg Boots  tutorial, heavy trolley bags, overwhelmed the academic burden less and less  time to rest, exercise time, play time; there is the nasty lewd principal  teacher of students, students fight to force the students to eat cruel sputum  kindergarten teacher, ulterior motives rogue uncle, "amiable"  traffickers aunt; bulk baby, stone baby, tainted milk, melamine, deterioration  expired vaccines, food are hardly used to wear safety; cervical disease, mood  disorders, sleep disorders, and even diabetes, fatigue, disease, mutatis  mutandis, also to adults, the elderly; fire to the let the leaders go, the wind  and rain to welcome the leadership of the sun; still sitting unqualified,  non-compliance of the "school bus", and even animals do not even  enjoy the treatment, such as transport, but to always face the the traffic  safety problem ...

Thin a few, the body of injustice imposed  on the child, the burden of injury, danger turned out to be so many people very  surprised, can not help but cry, the children was not easy; children are  exposed to far more than their capabilities, is the real can not shirk. This is  the lovely child, they are our future,Womens Bailey Button Triplet in any case can not let them into the  most miserable people, which, we are concentrating to the care,Protect them and restore them to their  children, get rid of them all the burden, the risk of harm to isolate and give  them to create a good, safe learning environment, they should have priority.