Gansu, China is rather large truck collided with the nursery school bus, killing 20 people were killed and 44 injured. Heartbreak is that, 

  in addition to drivers and teachers, of which 18 victims were kindergarten children. The injured still in treatment and deal with the accident, but all interested people probably would like to ask: how could the accident occurred in this form?

Carrying young children is a bus, core set 9. But in this morning, including two adults, including the car a full set of 64! In order to
  set more children, the car should be carried out within the illegal modification. The key is not seriously overloaded, said the car before the accident, not only travel faster, and even low-visibility weather conditions are still retrograde. Overload, retrograde, may also  speeding,this car is called the "death train" is not an exaggeration.

To be sure, the car is not overloaded day of the incident, but every day this way. However, the nursery does not seem to find anything wrong with doing so, parents have no comments, complaints (or refuse to let the children on the bus), the relevant departments have not taken effective measures to prevent this dangerous behavior. Womens Bailey Button Triplet This is the place where people feel terrible. This means that, in the face of such obvious security risks, all stakeholders are holding a very negligent manner. This is not a car accident, but the typical man-made disaster. Before the incident because no one to stop it all, this accident will be presented in such a tragic way!

This tragedy is not the first place. Last December, Hunan Hengnan transporting 20 pupils of a school bus accident fell into the river, killing 14 students were killed. Pushing the so-called school bus, in fact, is converted by the tricycle, the car can only take 10 people. In September, Shaoyang, Hunan boat incident occurred, killing 12 people were killed, the ship was carrying 41 students, nine students were killed. One major reason for this accident, the same is a serious overload. However, each incident seems to pile down the shock, grief, investigation, forgotten in the form of evolution, then all is still.

See a video on the Internet, containing six nuclear small van packed full of 66 children. Later, under the command of the traffic police, the children like a cage out from the same, one to go off. Adirondack Ugg Boots Looking at the screen scene, both heartbreaking, it makes one angry. This is not just a problem of educational institutions, lust, nor the absence of regulation is the responsibility of all, this is actually a result of collective indifference. The accident occurred, the Internet began to spread a Hummer hit the U.S. school bus pictures. Figure Hummer is a big school bus hit a hole, and the school bus safe and sound. Not to mention that this picture telling the truth, even if there is such a school bus, so irresponsible to educational institutions, by such irresponsible drivers, according to the so overloaded, retrograde, it will also crash.

Must admit that we unworthy children.Uggs Kensington Sale Because we do not give children a better transport. More must admit that we Hailiaohaizai are. Because both the education sector, educational institutions or teachers, parents, drivers, are not really children's safety in mind. The school with the children carrying such a brutal way, authorities are indifferent, and parents take for granted, it is enough to indicate this.

Man-made fierce in a car accident. If they do not focus on the human factor from the start, and thus improve relevant systems, improve the
  relevant measures, it is difficult to imagine what kind of future we will face the tragedy.