21-year-old girl Yang Communication University of China, met through Internet chat a 30-year-old railway police. Exchanges, Yang fictional father is the warning senior officials, the uncle is the real estate business, and with the occurrence of these officers A sexual relationship. After that, she who played seven roles, deception and intimidation to extort a total of 30 fraudMillion yuan, resulting in debt owed by this police officer, also divorced. (Beijing Times)

Yang mere a college student, not a man of a certain magazine cover. She who played seven angles Color fool the police, railway police met with a face, did once love, the rest of Yang through the network, telephone SMS charge the six supporting role.

If the proper way to get money, stupid Lane that her future dwelling development potential, may be a good actor,Good writer, a good reporter, a good host ...

Usually a taste of low-level fraud people, in which lie far the most superior, at least fool Police four debt, divorced date.Railway police deception of view, Uggs Kensington Sale this process depends on his own impure motives pure? Conduct end-side? Whether theAlert and prevention of psychological? Yang successfully deceived the railway police, because they were psychologically withstand scrutiny.The Yang promising, the role of one seven seven-segment plot, a wonderful interpretation of "Painted Skin 3."

Yang deception is superb, and finally was arrested, in fact, means are not superb. 21 years of age, social Experience than their peers, thinking beyond the expert tricks.Womens Bailey Button Triplet But a further profound weakness can always catch trick, Although Yang understand the complex social relations, but in fact as theoretical knowledge in school, like, science On the knowledge deep enough to learn, not the total experience does not work. Yang first time away from school, professional theory,Industry practice to social deception was arrested. Yang was arrested last weakness that she was cheated of the railway than Police weak.

To judge from the Yang trick, she chose to fraud, extortion, intimidation and other means to police, evidence of practice
Among the liar that she was in a society already in use creative tricks. Only trick is not included in the professional Universities, colleges and universities set up if the professional trick, Adirondack Ugg Boots sure to read Dr. Yang. I hope college is also able to open Interpol Set up a "police deception seven strokes" to resolve priority, or may be the next Piandao Shou is the police.

Many liar to avoid the police, afraid of the police, the police can lie to Yang on. Police arrested a swindler, police arrested her heart Li, Yue Yue will be well aware of a try. Liar everywhere, in the final analysis is still a problem unhealthy trends in society, as promoted, for the unscrupulous mercenary, presented in full worships money and materialistic age. With the formation of tricks, the outcome is always s wisdom wrong, anti-fraud is crook.

The game is still greedy for fame and fortune, lie and deception of the story is still played ...