Approaching the end of the job-hopping job-hopping, or to thinking about how much hair the boss of the year-end awards; the house to buy Room, no matter who would soon collapse in house prices advocate, "collapse theory" believe that for several years, the result had enough Have the money to buy luxury, now barely buy a toilet after the hardcover; the disband disband, many people Early calculations Well, 2010 is the first day Chinese New Year Valentine's Day, it is time to find the next "inn" of the. RMB are strong enough to be used to open handcuffs, leveraging a dwelling and the young men and women love, but not Easy?


Of course, we do not forget, there are always many toil back and forth for a year for the country, large and small cities 365 days "fundamentally changed" to contribute to the migrant workers, are still eagerly pay talks, Zaikuzailei Stay at home for the children gather the tuition and living expenses - I remember some years ago, "Southern Weekend", over a year ago, the title stirring "Give me my wages, I want to go home!"


Vientiane world state, is part of the lively, normalization is the most. Today, there are risks to sing K, a small Heart was arrested, sit a chasing aircraft to be asked of carbon emissions, Obama called to be renamed "Obama" (Someone asked, "old lady" is valid and the relationship with him); go visit a street,  Adirondack Ugg Boots everywhere in the municipal work has stimulated Process transformation, hee shabu, dug dug, BRT ah deceptive real horse, the last pit pit and swamp low-lying, good mood no more ... ...


Had home Internet access - BT do not, American TV and Torrent almost become history. To the Forum,Everywhere shield. Read the news, "the history of x" and Leiren Guan, Uggs Kensington Sale then heard a long time, it makes the mood "Full of haze, relaxed and happy" (Yu-known inscription), insipid.


Lang said that the people live is not easy, green pepper fried pork dish, and consequently controlled by Wall Street, A lot of people heard that, shoot the thigh shouting "For ah," recently (food) prices, the price of meat, vegetables Prices are "wind," rose; water, electricity, gas prices, heating prices, property management fees everywhere because "to be loss Loss "and then" be represented "," be heard "," price was "no wonder that there are people who take to the streets .Womens Bailey Button Triplet Purpose, or "soy sauce", or "hide and seek." In fact, ah, the recent price increases daily, as well as Other reason, Dongguan "rule" Huang burst of children, men eating at home more, increased demand,Market regulation Well, is not this wonderful butterfly effect?