The past six months, I visit Beijing, "the most beautiful villages" had a strong interest. Weekends or holidays, about the 35 friends, what you want, nearby in Haidian, Mentougou two districts have been searching for a few selected as Beijing's "most beautiful village 'village. Which to most is the town of Haidian District, Su Jia Tuo village for car ear, has seven or eight back.

The car is located in south Phoenix Ridge village for the ear, there are many things that attracted me: a seat in recent years, repair of village temple, the temple of old pines, like an eagle with wings Zhang, is ready to fly. It was also said, stretching his arms as the welcoming pine. Is said to have been sixteen hundred years of history. Central to the village, standing on open ground next to Cultural Square, looking north-west, is a rock cliff eyeful of the Phoenix Ridge, overlooking the southeast, is shaded by trees, clear water and graceful town - Daoxianghu area. Mountain village, a number of remnants of temples, monuments like Hong Road, there are a variety of cultivated and wild fruit trees, cherry, apricot, peach, pear, apple, jujube, chestnuts, walnuts, persimmons. Hungry, there are a lot of farm restaurants, mountain vegetables, delicious stomach. At night, the stars much more luminous than the city, the mountains of insects and birds, one after another, is nothing more than a spectacular concert.

Ear to the village for vehicle play, a place can not see. That is, the entrance to the village's public toilets. Not long ago, Fu Jen Catholic University, led a Taiwanese counterparts to visit. Parking Showing off in front, facing his friend Temple pines, could not praise his mouth, the hands stop taking pictures.UGG Bailey Button Boots Sale Taking photographs, shopped in the temple, we go together not far from the public toilets. Taiwan has taken the lead suddenly heard a loud sigh friend: "there is a village as a temple, as an old pines, not too surprising, there is such a public toilet, it is really surprising!" I thought he saw What a monster, went to know, looks very ordinary toilet, called the ornate interior, clean the extent of the toilet can be comparable with the five-star hotel.

Living in the forest matchbox reinforced concrete dwelling, the city had enough with people sound noisy and industrial gas pollution in the city who sneak into this country linger half a day, or live on the night, it is a new and interesting things, after the necessary will be good memories.

I am sure, those who have been to car ear camps, will, like me, that it is indeed a very beautiful country.

However, I have to point out a fact: the beautiful countryside, compared to my childhood home to a small village, or to diminish!

Also the mountains and built a small village of my childhood home, the following aspects, is the village for today's cars beyond the reach of the ear:

The first is topographic position. My home village is located in a horseshoe-shaped valley, the mountain village of Village North, located about two kilometers from the east pass thirty-four km. Valley, seven villages spread all over the field with terraced rice paddies, just like paradise. Village Village North mountain,UGG Sheepskin Boots Sale throughout the year, Teenage rain and snow, the scene differently. Its benefits, can use Su's poem, "Rain is also odd Mongolian mountains empty" "thick makeup Marco Polo" and to describe. Because the valley, more powerful typhoons, one here, have become soft and gentle. Shiji Li away villages, often pulling the tree house down, the pain of suffering raging typhoon, and a few villages in this valley, as if protecting the gods like, very few are against typhoons.

Followed by the two currents. Wide south of the village there can be four meters of the river beach, village clean one or two meters wide. Stream is no fixed river water changes with the seasons. More rain in spring and summer, streams rushing, water, stone of shock, waves of snow, in a nod to one vortex, the vast West to go. Childhood I had to play naked in there, wave by wave. The result was a large stone belly scratch. But heroism, so I completely forgot the pain.Uggs Kensington Sale I feel pretty good so far proud. For flood control, was planted in the stream at critical reed. The height of summer, two tall clumps, airtight reed, a distance graceful, towering close look. Autumn and winter rainfall, streams drying up. However, for children, there are a lot of fun: one puddle, Lo Yu Xiaxie habitat, or static if the child, or moving such as rabbits, vividly. Village of clean, cold seeps from the Village Underground, the water is clear, perennial stream. Wash rice and vegetables morning, Kap Shui cooking; after noon, Sha laundry, bathing the body, cleaning tools. Downstream, flows into farmland, irrigation crops. Villagers rely on it, enjoy the production, life benefits. In my childhood, the villagers soon Puruo Yu, peaceful coexistence with aquatic life, which no one Yuxia Xie predatory snail. Therefore, the clean among the plants by wave dance between, there are always hordes of beautiful fish, such as sleep or rest, or calm cruising, or a sudden rush dies. Our childhood, have been enacted to shore to watch, there into the water chasing. Childhood happiness, unspeakable. One was that we called "leaves" (it may be "red wing") of fish, wide can twenty-three means more than a foot long, the body Shu Wen, colorful and white, like a rainbow. Still, slow travel, arrows passed away, are pleasing.

Once again, around the village, near the bamboo grove. Tang Dynasty poet Meng Hao-ran the "tree-edge of the village together, Aoyama Guo oblique" is clearly written in my home village. However, my hometown village, really small scene, depicted in a poem than Meng, you had better lively, much richer. Nearly two hundred of the village, Adirondack Ugg Boots east of the bamboo forest, west of the Park Garden. Well-known story of the Bamboo Grove, may not know is why the Yin Wei and Jin Dynasties people gathered in a bamboo forest to playing drinking. I can according to their own childhood experiences, to tell you, it is because bamboo is a human paradise. Bamboo is a rich ornamental plants, bamboo, bamboo leaves, or if the green upright, or if the sword killer intersection, are a type; bamboo snake is not easy, always refreshing cool, clean. Because the dense bamboo plants, rare sunlight penetration into, because people often dig bamboo shoots, open soil, bamboo floor will not be covered with weeds, scraps difficult situation.Womens Bailey Button Triplet Spring and summer, shoot growth, springing up into the sky scenes, spectacular, exciting, full of hope. Home the small village of bamboo park, covering nearly acres, was my childhood amusement park. One in the fun, the world famous Disneyland, I am afraid there are less. Outside the village several Chestnut, is my childhood playground. Spent the summer picking chestnut (tied up smoked mosquitoes), autumn chestnut solid pick, can not wait for the parents told children are willing to do. Chestnut was deeply entrenched, hollow body, which often snake tai habitat. In the chestnut forest in play, climb trees, there is a certain risk. However, the risk, just become a fatal temptation to adventurous young, we run every day, Wang Libian.

Originally wanted to write an article praising rural suburbs of Beijing, accidentally, actually written in this way, it is unexpected. This is really: Who does not say that their home beautiful! The most beautiful countryside, is in our hearts.

However, the last three decades, as economic development, the promotion of town planning, village several times and easy site to build a new house, the village side of the bamboo, woods, had not disappeared; two water, dry dry, pollution contamination, completely Without the elegance of the year. Four five-story house, row upon row, the village has been much like the city. In short, now more accurate to say is: the most beautiful countryside, has been only in my dream it!