If this winter in the north, it may have a unique flavor.

 Speaking of home in winter, it can not fail to mention that blows snow. That gives us a special kind of ice satisfaction - yes, there is no snow, winter can call it that? When the snow floated to the wizard when they like a feather flying in the sky and landed on a tree, house, the vegetable garden on the river, but fell on each person's heart Northeast: Another winter is coming! Work less than a meal. A layer of earth on the plot. At this time, the children cried with it, out of the house, jumping running in the snow, it seems that the winter is beautiful these children belong to us. Kid, I always and small partners snowmen, snowball fights, when the effort is small, heap or pile of snow one day, but we still broke into boisterous play in the snow day. Gradually grow up, sometimes I will sit quietly ledge, quietly watching the snow rustled underground, watching the snow slowly into the land of mountains decorated silver; sometimes out of the house, looked up and feel the snow fall on his face the kind of cool Qinqin feeling, then it went out of his hands through crystal tick now, watching her slowly melt in my hand. Home snow ah, that called flavoursome!

 Speaking of winter home, also without mentioning that pickled pork soup. Take to sauerkraut, a bit more pork (lean meat that we do not, do not eat fat, but by the taste), put a little seasoning, a pot of the North's most distinctive dishes on the well. If the past is the family sitting on the kang, drinking steaming, fragrant sauerkraut soup, it can be called comfortable. Now what, if it is at home, I think we are one in the winter, it must be sitting in the warm spring and the house, eating my mother's cabbage soup, looking out the beautiful snow, chatting our favorite topic too!

 But this southern winter, a no snow, and second, not that pickled cabbage soup, plus the house without heating, sat shivering house Lise Se.

Such a thought, I miss my hometown, and there I dreamed that winter.