Things the world has had difficulty points, but a complex matter because of the subjective, institutional, or other concepts the reason often artificial change of the rare, the difficult and easy changes to their own departure from the of the result is duplication of efforts, the negative impact. Said first zero-AIDS discrimination. Discrimination is a zero very good idea, but in today's China is a good or even not being recognized by the good management like. Zero discrimination is very difficult, I ask myself that they can do that? Really have a friend such as AIDS friends I want to hug you and him? If you know in a public space in patients with AIDS, I will stay there? If you go to the hospital with AIDS patients know that I will not change the hospital? So and so on. I think I can not do such a good discrimination and the concept of zero to match the action.

But I think that AIDS discrimination is necessary to achieve zero-one thing. It is not just a things, but also a cultural, spiritual and a social state of civilization.Cheap UGG Classic Tall I want to say here is that this the original is a very complex - very difficult to do. It's difficult to value not only to solve the question of discrimination problems, but also to solve the problem of scientific understanding, but also to solve the security problem, but also to solve the cultural system the problem. For example, the value of discrimination, we Chinese people tend to fall into the pan and moral theory, for some breach of ethics or we think is contrary to morality, which often take the attitude of contempt or hostility, in fact, this tradition very bad. UGG Bailey Button Boots Sale Such as mentioning AIDS, immediately thought of homosexuality, think of the chaos, confusion and even think about sex increase drug use. So we assume that their disease is self-inflicted, he led a bitter drink down on their own.This is not really in line with modern civilization, a fundamental concept of modern civilization is first necessary to establish respect for human weight,of human values, respect for human values ??and respect to include people who made mistakes, there have been indecent acts, and even violate the legal person. Authoritarian era did not you dare as incest,do you dare to illegal I will give you a cut in pieces, this is actually the bad guys than bad. And the bad guys than the bad results in the has become a good man bad. We can not just forgive the error itself, but we can not slander or discrimination people's personality. I know it is not easy to do this. I told friends form a state: Although I included heart is the fear of AIDS, but if I really get to know people with AIDS, I am willing to embrace him. In mainland China is now the reason why the problem appears to respond to such lost its main reason is simply the very difficult problem one of the. Community development managers may think that as long as a file that do not discriminate against, even if not achieved discriminatory purposes, in fact, this is totally different.Womens Bailey Button Triplet One of the most obvious example is the AIDS patients because of for other diseases to the general hospital for medical treatment when needed, would be discrimination. Although the government documents should be provided accept them, but the hospital's infectious attitude is that you should go to the hospital. Hospital, it certainly does not exactly when, but the deeper problem is that hospitals in the professional, in the device, in the measures, the concept did good preparations? I think they are simply not ready; community managers are not ready,Although he said not discrimination, but the key is not to shout a slogan, but rather with practical measures. These Measures should at least include: first, how to ensure the safety of social groups, not to be infected. Safe,More likely to germinal moral heart of love; Second, there must be really effective measures. These packages measures, including professional, social welfare measures and all kinds of expertise. For example, to entertainment to AIDS conditional Music, to exercise, to exchange ideas; Third, on the basis of this to be true to the lives of AIDS patients dignity and human dignity. So, my conclusion is that the concept of the present problem is not the problem, nor is it primarily moral issue, but a troublesome problem to simplify the administrative and professional simplistic question. Government the responsibility of the obligation to protect AIDS patients, also has responsibility, the duty to ensure that other people are not infected and less infected, or just shouting slogans of some moral, practical measures should be ignored Yigai been identified as immoral public policy. Mainland China, many things have this feature. Because the defects so government should, independent of their social organization and the market share of responsibility is often confused or even distorted.

Another situation is complicated by the easy questions. The most notable example is the celebrity gone wrong do not apologize. Academic problems such as Tang Jun, I determined not to apologize, there are many fans endure, that although his academic fraud, did not affect his achievements in the workplace.Adirondack Ugg Boots In fact, this is totally different. To take break lun is certainly a great commander, but he is short stature. If Napoleon won the battle because many to insist that their height 180cm, can it? Fortunately, Napoleon did not say so. He knows his short, but he boarded the Alps, he said I is higher than the Alps. If he insisted that his 180cm, if living in the Internet age, can not only apologized for his bragging. Now there is a good example is Kai-fu Lee said in his autobiography had overdone it, allegedly bragging, he had 28 years of age in the United States, an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University, but said his autobiography at age 26 in the school do associate professor.Uggs Kensington Sale This was Mr. Fang Zhouzi found, fake the. Kai-fu Lee for this public apology to the readers, it is worthy of recognition. Readers not only get a lot of understanding has also been Mr. Fang Zhouzi of understanding. Some say he show off his things there, what he has repeatedly stressed that he and Obama at Columbia University students, who see Obama immediately hours sleep situation. Subsequently by insiders pointed out that whether Obama read the Columbia, American secrecy, Mr. Lee had studied with him is impossible. Kai-fu brother then changed to say that is not his own witness, is to listen to their classmates said. It has a little bit still holds partly concealed, if it continues to pursue further, that the students who? Probably have to apologize.

In any case, I sincerely believe that Mr. Kai-fu Lee's apology regarding the title is well worth the willinggiven. Mainland China, especially in our current circumstances. Our reality is that some of the celebrities out out wrong, or bragging, or plagiarism, or any errors indecent, or to the lack of, but is not an apology. Do not even recognize. This was originally a very simple - easy. Non-San people Yin Practice makes no too! Wrong to admit, have an adverse effect on the apology, the problem is solved, but it does not! On give you do not recognize death not admit. Why? I think there are at least two problems, one is face to ask questions. Face, the Chinese are too too proud of. Often hurt themselves to hurt others face. Face its fact contrary to the ethics of face does not mean self-esteem, real self-esteem is honest and treat people. Face and than, the human greater or face expand? If a person to face and survive, even though he was not someone else criticism, they will certainly fall into the trap of self-set tangle. Lost the face of danger, the real self-esteem will be the normal performance. Another problem is the circle.Uggs Kensington boots Sale Face personal, belonging to the circle a group of people. Expression is a man with the saying goes. But obviously the wrong man because man must come out stiffness and must hold, provided that the circle has been criticized someone or something or an idea or a point is no fault of their own immediate circle determined to attack their own collective, is not useful to malicious heart, so to resist, others dare to abuse the courage to criticize himself, others dare to dare to abuse their own violence, Others dare to derailment, and that they dare to incest. And so a chaos under non-standard to be true confused. Be blurred. Or be reversed. Or simply, no more.

I think that modern man in particular, should learn to apologize, learn to negotiate, learn to compromise. After the last two points moreover, this apology it may be a very easy thing to do, it could be a very difficult thing. This depends on what you put yourself in the position, like respect for their feelings as to respect the fact that,UGG Sheepskin Boots Sale like you were his face, like the heart to respect others, then this thing had a very easy.

In summary, these two things seem unrelated, but reflects the same problem that a lot of things nature of the distortion. The simplistic difficult to deal with, very troublesome thing hard to simplify processing, the original very simple things have to deal with complexity, it reminds us that the arrival of a new civilization needs of all community efforts.