Planning to do a television interview with the young people, often need to work overtime, day and night reversed. Because with their families, so often worried about his mother often read him: remember to eat, do not be late, so be careful driving, this nagging repeated several times a day, he has got used to, accustomed to. But sometimes he will feel impatient, want to escape the sight of the mother, so listen to her long-winded long time.

Once young people to go to an interview with Master Cheng Yen in Hualien, Master Cheng Yen said a word to hear, he felt it makes sense. Master said: "If a parent is often worried about his children,Cheap UGG Classic Tall his children would be no blessing; because their parents  have been a blessing to worry about lost." Master said: "If parents want his children blessed, we should wish him a lot children,  rather than worrying about her child. "Young people are very excited to hear the case, a home, I immediately quoted the words of Master Cheng Yen to listen to his mother.UGG Bailey Button Boots Sale He said that since then, his mother nagging him seldom, and he saw that his mother would no longer hide, but apart from work, will chat to find his mother, he felt that now he is generally comfortable with the mother as a friend .

Every mother, often a soul, she mastered a family home atmosphere, I believe: If not a happy mother, it is difficult to have a happy family. However,Discount UGG Short Boots most of the mothers are excessively worried about their children: schoolwork, work, marriage, health --- almost nothing do not worry, your mother will be happy like this? With the  "law of attraction," saying that the "all wishes come true." If you  use a lot of things, "read the power" to believe it, it will as you  believe to "realize" you believe.

If you believe a mother: her children have the ability to face his own difficulties and problems of life, then this I believe is a  "blessing", but also because of her child and bless this blessed.Uggs Kensington boots Sale  Conversely, if a mother is always "feel" her child is not sensible, will not take care of themselves, will suffer fooled, then this  "fear" is likely to become a "curse", as you would like the children really Before you feared,black ugg boots always out of position to make you worry. How much you willing to practice the power of big.

Starting today, we should be careful to check their own when each  "idea",Adirondack Ugg Boots you are the child: is worried about more? Or a blessing much? Really, love your children,rather than fear, as blessing! In fact,for the people we care about,whether family, friends, lovers, benefactors, teachers, students, colleagues, etc., also should be given the blessing completely, so do not worry and let their fear of sleep, that is a win-win Hello! Because "all wishes  come true",Womens Bailey Button Triplet we will achieve the blessings!

From now on, the fear of losing, so that blessing often, I wish you, happy!