December 11, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office has  just released "School Bus Safety Bill (draft Bill seek  meaning)"; December 12, Foshan, Guangdong and Jiangsu County has broken out on the two school bus accidents, in particular, with the latter, suffering the tragic, worthy of being County of Gansu last month that tragedy. What advice can be more acute than these two disasters, more convincing, but was more cruel, more disheartening it?

The production of school bus safety regulations, had to cut, to prevent school bus accidents; school bus accident frequency, the lag in the irony of Bill and vulnerability. Cheap UGG Classic Tall Worrisome is that so many accidents, so many budding life of relentless passage of time, may not be able to contribute to the improvement of regulations and smooth production; the long-awaited regulations, even if born after the accident may not be able to create the devil killed at the wheel of speeding before.

This is not pessimism, not alarmist. On the one hand, for the production of government-led school bus safety regulations, I am always afraid to be too optimistic, UGG Bailey Button Boots Sale this is an empirical judgments.Prior to demolition regulations can be as a mirror and a mirror,the demolition of the victims of the tragedy, far more than the death of the school bus, but the beginning of this  year the implementation of the "state-owned land on the housing  levy and Compensation Ordinance," How can those who die in a fire in the spirits of the body rest in peace, rest in peace?

In enforcing the force, it is a major problem. For example, school bus overload, do not have to wait until the unattainable out of school bus safety regulations sanctions do,Discount UGG Short Boots according to the existing traffic laws, you can not solve the problem of overloading? Why the outbreak until the accident, was arrested overloading fish; Why are County school bus, such as the nuclear containing 9 people, real load 64, such a serious overload, has been such as the net, and go unpunished?

On the other hand, we must face, school bus, I am afraid not only of government supervision, lax enforcement issues, can not put all the blame for the evils of government head; behind this, UGGs Adirondack Tall but also insidious education, livelihood, public welfare one after another social crisis.

I remember our kindergarten and primary school, the distance between school and home, most no more than two kilometers, Ye Hao walking, cycling worth mentioning,Adirondack Ugg Boots  that time we never know why the school bus thing. In the TV in Hong Kong and Taiwan and the United States to see the yellow school bus, and often look envy, but the envy, not out of a sense of security, but for freshness. Born in the 1980s, we might have done the school bus dream, as dreams are done defending the homeland, are done to serve the people of the dream. UGG Sheepskin Boots Sale Today, the dream was crushed times continued.

Now the children can not appreciate quite a number of cycling brought to school by their parents, sitting in the back seat of the bicycle and bitter joy.Uggs Kensington Sale  Their parents, or busy with work and everywhere at once, or go out to work and unable to continue.So they can only be moved quickly in the cage normal school bus, waiting for death decision.

Over the years, many rural primary schools have been cut down and merge, and concentrated in towns. This way, the original left out 500 meters can go to school, to go right now five kilometers to town center arrived at the border. What does the concept of five kilometers, for adults, the ride takes about 20 minutes or so on the year-old children, Womens Bailey Button Triplet estimated to have half an hour, if in the mountains, or every rain and snow, the more time-consuming. So, better to spend more money, the children entrusted to the school bus along the shuttle. The school bus is safe, it is a question of luck.

In some places, school bus operators, but a bad account.I have a cousin,had a primary school when the principal towns,and later wastransferred to the secondary tube back, Once he drank too much, complained to me that those years he became president, what oil did not groan, and now this president,Uggs Kensington boots Sale  is leading the Neizhi Department of Education, after taking office, open the door, the right to operate the school bus all to his brother, and so far Township teacher asked the students to take a school bus, a school can only take this vehicles,school buses are not allowed to sit the other, dare to sit, and there you look good!  This school bus is the real "privilege car." Not only the school bus, once the monopoly of any one thing, they poison the stream of students.

  I said these cases, however, reflects the school bus tip of the iceberg. The fast-paced modern life, the rural exodus of young adults, cut the Gordian knot of the primary education reform, schools, corruption and privilege of operating school buses,etc., as well as more social disease, will carry the hope and future of the school bus push to the cliff of death. These problems, the infant school bus safety regulations to resolve the dash it. Therefore, the development of regulations, like ice, but this is only the first attack of reform journey, not with the regulations, a school bus can be ugg boots In China, like a school bus safety nets, the abundance of break, waiting for everyone in this society hard to mend. If all hope is pinned Bill's head, trying at once, I'm afraid there will be more creatures sitting in the school in the car crying.