To see an emotional interview, male and female guests feeling confused, strong woman, and more gold, a successful career, the man ordinary, ordinary, off than before, many years of controversy for many years of marriage, values, concept of happiness nothing in this marriage intolerable torture, when to come to an end, I found the woman's pregnancy, so went into the emotional talk show, want to seek the way of reconciliation.

Read only understand a problem, men feel that life is very meet, dry your favorite thing though income is not high, a woman has a ton of bricks to create a sense of responsibility and dedication of motivated her husband to create a better future for families, for men complacency was unreasonable and intolerable.Cheap UGG Classic Tall Two people's understanding of happiness Chazhiqianli, asked the original love was actually a boy chasing a girl, then was a school boy Pathetic team's striker, positive, optimistic, cheerful, confident, glamorous, are numerous girls look up and around, the girls wrote a long love letter to him, finally moved the boy's heart.

Unfortunately, time is the ruthless knife, out of the campus, the men and women have a career gap, and widening, women's income is five times that of men, gradually, that was the tall figure in her eyes slowly become blurred and small, more humble. The program is full of women to men complain, UGG Bailey Button Boots Sale blame and fault, and the man's frustration, grievances and repression, so that the event's host said: I think your wife is not here to sit, but your mother.

I am not qualified to comment on someone else's marriage, there is no opportunity to understand there's a story, but this interview, I thought a lot. We have love, in the end love is the man, love that there are shortcomings of flesh and blood people? Or the kind of impression to create a near-perfect sense? Discount UGG Short Boots Maybe, just want to tell myself I love love. Perhaps love is just as you want to become like themselves as they want. Sometimes also want each other, look into their own imagination, and that is how real people are often ignored by us.

Years ago, I have appreciated education and founder of Hong Zhou had dialogue, he gave me the idea of ​​a great touch, the Chinese people's education often is the "index finger education", that is, Chinese parents like to take the index finger points the child's head, said : "so how do you blame? Womens Bailey Button Triplet you this No, not that point, you see people so who -----" and then some inspirational education, what effect is unknown. Abroad Education is a "thumb education", there is little progress in the child when parents often praise him: "You are the best! How do you so talented!"

We all know the story of Carnegie: Carnegie child is a recognized bad boy. 9 years old when his father the stepmother Qujin home. When they were poor people living in the countryside, while the stepmother came from wealthy families. Stepmother while his father introduced to Carnegie,UGGs Adirondack Tall while saying: "My dear, I hope you pay attention to this throughout the county the worst boy, he has let me do nothing. Maybe tomorrow morning before he would take a stone thrown at you, or do bad things that you totally unexpected. "Contrary to Carnegie expectation that the stepmother smiled walked over to him, hold up his head seriously with him. Then she turned to her husband, said: "You are wrong, he is not the worst of the county boys, but the whole county the most intelligent and creative boy. But, he did not find a place to vent warm." Stepmother is This word, changed the fate of his life. Carnegie inspired the imagination, stimulate his creativity, and infinite wisdom to help him into contact, Adirondack Ugg Boots making him America's rich and famous writers of the 20th century's most influential figures.

I feel appreciated also applies to adults, think they are like to hear positive encouragement, or deny the accusation? If a person is accused of decades: how do you not so motivated! How do you so decadent? So good for nothing? So I think his life will never again have ambition, he has been saying this forever stamped imprint, a prophecy.Classic Cardy UGG Boots Each person has strengths and weaknesses, will show the positive and negative energy, right and wrong, positive and negative two opposing factors may also in a person, if we just focused on one's shortcomings, and then magnify and stressed that he's positive energy will be covered, never emit light.

Marital relationships, an important way is to appreciate each other. From another angle to each other, you may find it too much different. Each of us wants to be appreciated, especially his beloved people want to be appreciated. Because it means being sure appreciate being recognized, valued, to be concerned about, Ugg Bailey Button Triplet it means that value their own existence. Pathetic when young that there is no disadvantage it? Cover only those sparkling glory of his shortcomings, in your eyes in appreciation of all everything is perfect, he would be seen as slovenly focused event, he does not love words will be seen as mature, he is not assertive or aggressive will be seen as restrained low key, why into the marriage, we can not still enjoy with eyes to see around the people?

Everyone is not perfect, if you insist on imaginary perfect, only adding to the trouble and a burden. The so-called love life, but two heterosexual mutual appreciation, joy, is the resonance and resonance, may be long, it may be short. Sometimes, relatively more complementary balance to maintain the marriage, such as we all know,UGG Sheepskin Boots Sale two strong people are not compatible, the two are the cause of Ben's elite do not understand life is very difficult to get along with, and between men and women to balance each other in order to find a better combination of running point.

Seen the film on which there is a saying "the most tricky thing is to find such a person, he loves the real you, good mood, bad mood, ugly little, a little beauty, something handsome, he put an ass to identify the bright points, should you talk to such people. "Plainly, we can enjoy perfect vision to an imperfect person: ugly point assured, ordinary point more willing to stealth in your halo. Love the form and weight has never been set in our hearts,Uggs Kensington boots Sale but what kind of man you met, you will love how some talks.

Male-female relationships in the final analysis is the strength of the relationship. Strong one, both men and women, will duck to water. Strong a successful career woman, wife and mother will not want to play, so if you have a man willing to make soup three meals a day you wash your hands into the kitchen,Uggs Kensington Sale willing Otaku Yin Fu Why not? Some men can not stand his wife than they are, they married wives, is to allow your wife to listen to their own, or that they had that kind of day, my wife is very ordinary, very obedient; and some men would prefer a strong woman , woman has a special charm, vision, ability to make money, will give men a sense of pride, after all, no matter how competent a woman on the outside, but also your wife ah!

True love, is to accept, not to endure; is to understand, not dominate; is comforting, is not questioned; true love, not finding a perfect person, but not with a chisel to shape a perfect person. Sheepskin Ugg Boots Instead, slowly learn to perfect vision, does not enjoy a perfect person.Of course, if you really can not appreciate, he can not complete your shape, or to the left of the homes, depending on what you value, but also ask your own heart.