Life is what has always been my thinking, and weigh, and to the topic.
Real life or not, I know that is not important, it is important no matter what, if alive, living always continue.

What is life? Life is a cup of insipid water, life is a sweet and moving piece of music, life is surging waves. Perhaps not, as the famous poet Bei Dao called "life" of a poem, only one word - network. How incisive metaphor!

Was ignorant youth, I do not know real depression; was a season of feeling, a dream for the bean sprouts; was a young bull, high-spirited. Today, under the rose-colored dream ivory tower, has been slowly fading in the eventful years that the bubble-like reality of life is also the ideal one to disillusionment.

The same day as water rushed in, I had the pace, they should never keep up with time. Early morning when it suddenly to wake up, the clock has turned around, yesterday turned over a page. Spread out his hands, nothing; close your eyes, endless loss. What did yesterday, today, what to do, what to do tomorrow, in turn, not only in the past, present and future in the form in which life is real and concrete content.

We have no reason to resist such a real, dialectical philosopher once said, "people must first solve the basic necessities in order to engage in political, economic, cultural and other activities." Extraordinary life is inseparable from the real and three meals a day, without Youyanjiangcu, without pots and pans. Bustling city, you have heard the noise used to, accustomed to crowded bus to work, used in the vegetable market to bargain with the vendors. Life is so dull, dull as a very long stream trickling stream around the clock.

But life is not so blind but dull, the climax of life is always so dramatic. Involved in real life, but think of the protagonist is his stage, and he is someone else's interpretation of the story.

We are not there as a separate entity, an invisible network link up you and me, engaged in a network, always inextricably linked with the others. This network will sometimes teach people to suffocate, so you have to learn to flatter, clever second shuttle and the line, they are not to let network firmly tied and could not move. Light there was a competitor, the results also break the death only end up lose-lose, and no little benefit.

Thank let me know how many lives this reason, I like kids, holding a piggy bank, the coins dropped into a tank to a value as the life experience accumulated little by little and stored. When the piggy bank full time, heavy feeling that I feel has become a wealthy person. No longer falling and sentimental, but for the parting upset, and worried for the loss, for the gossip and the Geng pregnant, for those who are no longer elusive, mirage-like from the reality, distant and far-fetched dream. Plain and indifferent to life makes me a little something impulsive and aggressive, some more open-minded and tolerant.