Honduras is a strange place, Honduras, meaning "abyss."


Honduras is the birthplace of the Maya, there have been 18 Mayan king. The Mayan king and all the people to show their different, always gave himself the name of some monster, such as "Eighteen rabbits", "snake's mouth," "bear claws" and so on..


So the people under its inspiration from the strange name also caused others to pay attention to, such as "tire", "flash plug," "feminist does not blink," "Thank God." Or simply the person's name from a cult, such as "Clinton", "Reagan" ... do not know if I have called Hitler. Finally in 2007 the Government of Honduras hair, and legislation to prohibit arbitrary named, the names of celebrities are also banned.


If these are the pediatrician, then Honduras, men can not not do it. Because they just happy to put his wife sell them, this is a typical patriarchal society.


Some of the original towns and villages in northwestern Honduras, a man can be his wife "divorced", and pulled on the auction market, or take it with someone else's wife exchange, wife can be purchased subsequently auctioned off again.


This is some scary folk Mayan legacy. Maya will then kill all prisoners captured male ritual, but it can be as a woman for his wife, or take the exchange.


For this deep-rooted customs, the government had no alternative. The problem is too much love of wife-swapping of the Honduran people, in exchange for his son to go with does not even know which one is his mother. So the government has issued a decree, wife-swapping in private transactions not only in the "man set" to.


Today, under the law, such transactions can only be under the "collection of people," held, and every three months to open a set. Now the family has been relatively stable "control."