Originally planned this fall to Phoenix Mountain folk songs, pat mountain valleys, waterfalls beyond the Great Wall hanging spring wonders. As the saying goes: Plan does not change quickly. As busy fitting, then move, almost all of the plans fell through.Before the holiday, a friend invited me on the Yuquan Wan Jitian near Harbin, was I rejected.

 October 8, there are a few friends drove to the door, UGG Sheepskin Boots Sale invited me to play Forest Park hanging kettle. One to accept their hospitality, and second, where the scenery can not stand the temptation of hanging kettle, so hurry on the train, along the newly opened Haa inter-city roads, hanging kettle straight away.


Tau is a hanging kettle scenic mountain area of ??Forest Park, from Cheng District, 70 kilometers away from Harbin, 130 km. October 4 last year, I have been there to see the colorful "Five Flower Mountain", is there a unique Autumn shocked beyond the Great Wall, the fall of this year must be sworn to time, enjoy the good fortune to enjoy the spirit of the great gift of our meal! With this desire, I decided to put down the important thing at hand to work toward there.

This is the warm autumn, the city is everywhere green, autumn is not concentrated. Relaxation can be when the car flying in the vast Great Plains, the landscape would look like a completely different vice. On a yellow field, harvesting of rice piled up in the dry paddy fields, endless corn has long been shrinking in the field, I see harvester busy in the meantime ... ...



Car into the mountains, the road is quiet, neither car nor shadow figure. The rolling hills along the road that no former glory overflowing scenery, but dark brown in the world. My heart wondering: we back it,Australia UGG Boots this fall may be delayed.

When we are full of suspicion, a full of yellow corn, Cheng Cheng leisurely carriage road on the highway. We come to a screeching halt, down the street. Fellow said: You come late, if yesterday to also be able to see the shadow of five Huashan, the leaves are off today, gone.

We can not help some frustration. But I said: the scenery is not also very good in front you can see beyond the Great Wall late autumn scenery is pleasant thing ah!

This is indeed the truth. Ouyang Xiu Song dynasty literary giant who wrote: "Wild Fang hair and fragrance, Fan Jia-Mu Show and shade, wind, frost, virtuous, and rock fall-out of those, the mountains of the seasons also. North Korea and to the morning and go, seasons different scenes, and music are also infinite. "He then told us the good fortune of the magic lies in her ever-present beauty, beauty everywhere, she does not exist in many human contamination. As long as you grow a pair of eye found in the United StatesSheepskin Ugg Boots you will be able to from a different perspective for the beauty of the ever-intoxicated.



After I explained, everyone's mood and inspire them.Ugg Adirondack Tall Boots Car speeding on a winding road, trees are more dense, very dense clouds. Just think: In this "empty mountain not people, but the words ring celebrity," the mood to travel, do you not realize that Zen? October 4 last year to the

embrace of nature, compared with last year, only a difference of four days, and country can not re-identify now!

Driving friends generously sigh: I did not think, he sent four days turned into two world!

Yes, ah, we can not help but loss for the fast time, life was still alive, some short and feeling regret, then, we immediately reach a consensus, they must not waste time, later to be taken seriously must live, to fight in their lifetime, viewing the beauty of the world, but also considered worthwhile live this life.

Car into the park, even if only a freshman at the mountains a dozen visitors, and last year compared to the kind of steady stream of people simply deserted thousands of times. However, Adirondack Ugg Boots I like the "empty-san after the rain, the weather late to fall," the loneliness lonely, lonely in the solitude of such a rare being, you will be able to understand the "light of life" free  it. Jiuyuan said: my heart is the universe, the universe is my heart. Today, we seem to rise to the kind of "Transformation."



Our good fortune did not live up to her a painstaking, she had for us this "late autumn Journey," shows another round of a rare view. When we climb the stairs, marching to the depths of the forest when a piece of maple as the flame has not been generally dying before our eyes burning, our hearts also will burn.Sheepskin Ugg Boots Dying of birch, oak trees dying, the catalpa tree dying, and dying ash, and Prunus withered ... ... but only upright green pine green, in the Autumn in the haughty manner to

meet the upcoming avalanche of snow and ice world. Also, why did not this red maple drift, associating it with those who were premature? Despite her glossy leaves have gradually dried up, although many leaves have been Sleeping with the earth,Ugg Bailey Button Triplet but now it is still the last trace of warmth left us these pious "who look for beauty", is really puzzling !

  Really thank you, red maple; more sincere thank you, great God!I shot this wonderful moment of freezing it, then this "creature of fire" is passed to my friends.